Dream at 17

Illustration of a dream I had when I was 17. In the dream I was in some kind of scene from the Bhagavad Gita. There was this gorgeous Indian-music version of ’Ticket to Ride’ playing, as I emerged through a manhole into the street. All true folks.

Amsterdam rain

Cycling through the Amsterdam rain is no fun. This picture is about that. In the basket in front of you is your shopping from Albert Heijn. It wasn’t raining when you got to the supermarket, but it’s chucking it down now. Going home in the rain is better than going out in the rain though. Better by kilometres.

Nearly Hembrug

If you’re cycling from Zaandam to Amsterdam (which takes about 45 minutes and includes a ferry) you’ll go through a small underpass just before you reach the Hembrug ferry point. As you emerge from the underpass, these sweeping diagonal lines leap out at you. This is what you see here. This is actually the 4th attempt at this picture, each time whittling it down more and more. Eventually drawn in Kyle brushes.

Somerset drug dealers

This image was based upon a real police handout showing convicted drug dealers in Somerset in the UK. The range of faces fascinated me.

It was also my first real attempt using the very-impressive Kyle brushes, which are the best digital brushes I’ve used. The ones that come with Photoshop are OK, but these are really pleasurable to use.