Monty Don [print]

A print of Monty Don at 12×12″ on its way from Etsy to Ajae in Portland. Thank you Ajae. Printed on 230gsm Olmec fine art paper by King of Herrings @kingherrings.

Drawn in pen, gel pen, pencil, crayon, colour pencil and charcoal.

Monty says place them two to three inches apart. Don’t you just love Monty Don? I do. He’s the most reassuring, calming person you could watch. Like Bob Ross, but for gardening. Total Zen. I’ve never had reason to see a urologist, but if I ever do, I hope it’s Monty Don putting on the rubber gloves.

Bristol mugs

Portraits from police press releases. These 32 portraits are a follow-on to my ‘Somerset drug dealers‘ collection from 2017. What is it about these faces? They completely fascinate me. Some are defiant, some are defeated—but no one’s really posing. There’s something completely real about them. In the age of mugging for a profile picture, these have to be the polar opposite. (Drawn with Kyle brushes).