Martin was on a Dutch language course I was taking. His mum was also doing the course, and during the break they used to go out and smoke together.

This is drawn in pencil, graphite and blue and green pastel pencils.

Drawing of Blok M, Jakarta

Drawing of Blok M from a window at Hotel Falatehan. “It’s no oil painting” as my friend Ian would say. It really isn’t. It’s monumentally ugly but I still love it. I worked here for three years in the 90s, and my son was born here too.

If you’d like to hear how Blok M sounds, you can listen here.

The last time I saw Bapak

The last time I saw Bapak Made, he was pretty far gone from his dementia. He was in tatters. We hung out for a couple of hours, and he sang songs to me: Balinese and Javanese folk songs, plus ‘Love Me Tender’.

Michelle’s prosthetic hand

Drawing of Michelle’s prosthetic hand in pencil, red pencil, white pencil and red brush pen. I’m not sure exactly how Michelle came to own this prosthetic hand. She still has two real hands as far as I know.

Letter from America

A postage stamp of child dictator, Kim Jong-un relaxing in his bathtub at home. Kim probably has a nicer looking bathtub than the one I’ve put him in, but hey, it’s my picture.

I made this after reading the BBC story: “North Korea could have missiles submarines in five years, says South”.