Plants outside my house

Plants outside my house, by the wheelie bin, and out on the road. Drawn with ballpoint pen and isopropanol, pencil, colour pencil, gel pen, silver crayon (yes, crayon) and bamboo dip pen. (Click them to see closer.)

Lange Dyk

Drawing of Lange Dyk, which is near where I live in Westhoek. Blue ballpoint pen with isopropanol, plus gel pen and blue pencil.


Drawing of Noud, who was at the Creatievelingen samenwerkingen meetup last night in Leeuwarden. A really quick drawing.

St Jacobiparochie

Sketch of St Jacobiparochie from Oudebildtdijk (now there’s a mouthful for anyone who’s not Dutch.) This is the view from the front of my house. Drawn and painted in ink, pencil, colour pencil, graphite, and gel pen.

Sketching at NDSM

Sketching at NDSM on Saturday with the Amsterdam Urban Sketchers—just like in the good old days of 2014-5. A chance at least to catch up on Dudley’s hair, and hang with some sketchers. But I realised just how rusty I’ve got at sketching. When I lived in Amsterdam, I wouldn’t think twice about whipping it out. The sketchbook, that is.

With drawing, the more you do, the easier it gets. That’s the thing. But if you leave it for a bit…