William Shatner

“The past is who you are” said the man on TV. But I’m not so sure…

The good stuff and the bad stuff—it’s always there at your fingertips, accumulating continuously as you go about your days. Sometimes, you look back and shudder. I certainly do. But where you are right now is really all there is. If you’re haunted by the bad stuff, then you have to look it hard in the face, see it for what it is. That was then, this is now. Move on. You shouldn’t need to be defined by what you’ve done, the good and the bad, but especially the fuck-ups…

I thought William Shatner would be a good way to illustrate this. The actor who can never get away from his most famous role. So here he is, pretending he’s not at home, Captain Kirk forever banging on the door.

Mark had a wonderful dream

Drawing of Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte. The man in the shoe is Mark’s deputy, Hugo de Jonge. I don’t know much about Hugo except that he is very confident in his choice of footwear.

Alles gaat de goed kant op

“Alles gaat de goed kant op” (Everything’s going in the right direction).

Portrait of Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, in celebration of his decade in power, and recent re-election on the back of the ‘toeslagenaffaire’ — a scandal involving false allegations of fraud against some 26,000 Dutch families, many with immigrant backgrounds, and many of whom were left financially ruined as a result. Go Mark!

Pyongyang sunrise

The face of Kim Jong-un (Commander-in-Chief, Supreme Leader of the Nation, Leader of the Party and the People, Highest Incarnation of the Revolutionary Comradeship, Invincible and Triumphant General, Bright Sun of the 21st Century, Ever-Victorious, Iron-Willed Commander) is always there to greet a new morning.


“Hello mum, you alright? Yeah I’m OK thanks. Mum, is your laptop on? No? Oh, no worries. I was just wondering if you could look something up for me? Yes. Well, could you find out what the emergency number is here? That’s right, the emergency one. I can’t remember what they use here. Could you look it up and ring me back? Brilliant. No, no, everything’s fine. No really. I was just curious, that’s all. Okay. Lovely stuff. I’ll speak to you in a minute then. Thanks mum. Bye for now. Cheerio. Bye. Bye.”