Sunday linocut

A self-portrait in ink on linoleum. I don’t have a printing press, so I haven’t made a print of this yet. This is a scan of the cut linoleum with ink rolled on. The rest is simply shady.

El Matador

This one had a long gestation period. I drew the figure and the foreground plant when I still lived in Osdorp, sometime in 2016 . Then I came across it the other day and realised what it really needed was a bull.

Shiver for me now

Here we go. Leadbelly and Robert Johnson. I’m not sure if these two ever met, but they do here. I love Leadbelly. When I had to have my appendix out in a hurry a few years back, all I could think about was listening to Leadbelly again. Anyway.

‘Shiver for me now’. This is number 4 in my ‘Date night‘ series—drawings of people I’d love to spend a few hours with. Imaginary meet ups with unlikely people across time.