Shiver for me now

Here we go. Leadbelly and Robert Johnson. I’m not sure if these two ever met, but they do here. I love Leadbelly. When I had to have my appendix out in a hurry a few years back, all I could think about was listening to Leadbelly again. Anyway.

‘Shiver for me now’. This is number 4 in my ‘Date night‘ series—drawings of people I’d love to spend a few hours with. Imaginary meet ups with unlikely people across time.

Metal guru is it true?

Metal guru is it true? An evening in the pub with Eckhart Tolle and Sadhguru. I’d love that. I’m not sure that Eckhart Tolle drinks beer, and I’m not sure Sadhguru smokes roll-ups but, hey, it’s my drawing.