Captain Caveman

Unused illustration of Donald Trump as Captain Cavemen. Or thereabouts. Behind him he drags a deflated world. Commissioned by Handelsblatt. Drawn with Kyle brushes.

Wormerveer at night

This is based on the shop fronts of Zaanweg, the main drag through Wormerveer. Wormerveer is this funny little place just outside Amsterdam that smells of chocolate, because of the cocoa processing plants there. Behind the shops you can see glowing signage for Febo, Kruidvat, Hema, Blokker and Dirk van den Broek.

The beating heart of Osdorp

Remembering a foggy morning in Osdorp, looking towards Reimerswaalstraat from Ma Braunpad.

You see these little cars all over Amsterdam: the Canta LX. I’ve seen them all across the Netherlands actually but Amsterdam is where I’ve seen the most. I always thought it would be a great vehicle to go sketching in. You could fill it with pens and stuff. Maybe fit it out with a little karaoke machine too. But then someone reminded me that the Canta LX is more about facilitating mobility than drawing.

The Big Swoon

A portrait of Al Bowlly—’The Big Swoon’ as they called him. A picture version of ‘Riptide‘… torn between two loves, the old and the new… from Mozambique to bombing raids on London. Where will it take me? What shall I do?