Cyanotype painting

Another cyanotype experiment. This time I tried painting something with the cyanotype solution itself.

On the first version, the plant faded to a grey-blue over a few days. Maybe it wasn’t out in the sun long enough. But the two dark blue ones look better—they each got a ton of sun.

Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge—a cyanotype experiment.

What I did was cut out various Alan Partridge shapes: hair, face, shirt, jacket and tie. The hair, jacket and tie are cut out of tracing paper, and the face and shirt are cut from thick (300g) paper. Over the hair shape I put some extra slices of paper, and on the glass that holds the whole thing down, I drew lines in the hair, the edge of the lapels, and over the tie.

The thick paper blocks almost all the light, but the tracing paper lets some through, so you can get a toned image. On the best version, I drew in Alan’s facial features with gel pen, biro and pencil.

Based on a screenshot taken from ‘This Time with Alan Partridge’.

Tim Freke

Portrait of Tim Freke.

Here we are. This is happening to us. We’re heading to death. We now know we’re living in an enormous universe which is extremely old. What do you make of it? What do you think this is? And what do you think we should do with it?”

This one is drawn in ballpoint pen (2 types), gel pen and isopropanol. This time though, I squeezed the ink out of the pen with a pair of pliers, and painted with it direct on the paper, mixed with a bit of isopropanol. You don’t need much.