Lange Dyk

Drawing of Lange Dyk, which is near where I live in Westhoek. Blue ballpoint pen with isopropanol, plus gel pen and blue pencil.

St Jacobiparochie

Sketch of St Jacobiparochie from Oudebildtdijk. This is the view from the front of my house. Drawn and painted in ink, pencil, colour pencil, graphite, and gel pen.


A print of Westhoek at 15×7″ on its way from Etsy to Alicia in Washington. (Thank you Alicia.) Printed on 230gsm Olmec fine art paper by King of Herrings @kingherrings.

Painted in ink, plus pencil and black biro. This is the view of the Oudebildtdijk from the sea dike at Westhoek. No one who isn’t Dutch can actually pronounce “Oudebildtdijk”. It’s impossible. But it’s the longest street in the Netherlands, and where I live.


Testing out a new sketchbook in Engelum, which is near Leeuwarden. The sketchbook seems to work just fine. Drawn with grey ink and pencil.


Drawing of Jisp, which is between Wormer and Wormerveer (not far from Amsterdam). Drawn in red and purple ink, with colour pencil and gel pen.

Amsterdam’s Rokin

Amsterdam’s Rokin drawn 4 ways. Normally, I like to mix my mediums up. But here they are all separate for a change. Left to right: pencil, ink, crayon, gel pen, charcoal.