“Hello mum, you alright? Yeah I’m OK thanks. Mum, is your laptop on? No? Oh, no worries. I was just wondering if you could look something up for me? Yes. Well, could you find out what the emergency number is here? That’s right, the emergency one. I can’t remember what they use here. Could you look it up and ring me back? Brilliant. No, no, everything’s fine. No really. I was just curious, that’s all. Okay. Lovely stuff. I’ll speak to you in a minute then. Thanks mum. Bye for now. Cheerio. Bye. Bye.”

Expat hotline

This one went on for ages. I drew the table and the guy on the phone about 6 months before but then gave up on it.

I do that sometimes. Starting the picture is the exciting part, but that feeling fades so I end up sitting on stuff. However, as I was on a roll from the last picture, finishing this one happened quite easily. Funny how it goes. (Also shown here is the first rough version.)