Terry Collins. For years, Terry was one of the tallest things you could find in Jakarta. I made this picture to celebrate his 30 years there. One morning, about a year later, I got an email saying Terry was dead. Then later still I heard they’d used this picture at his memorial service.

I miss Terry.

Students in Jakarta

Drawing of some of my students at EEP in Jakarta, where I pretended to be an English teacher for five years. This one is drawn in ink, pencil, colour pencil, dry brush, charcoal and ballpoint pen.

Drawing of Blok M, Jakarta

Drawing of Blok M from a window at Hotel Falatehan. “It’s no oil painting” as my friend Ian would say. It really isn’t. It’s monumentally ugly but I still love it. I worked here for three years in the 90s, and my son was born here too.

If you’d like to hear how Blok M sounds, you can listen here.

The last time I saw Bapak

The last time I saw Bapak Made, he was pretty far gone from his dementia. He was in tatters. We hung out for a couple of hours, and he sang songs to me: Balinese and Javanese folk songs, plus ‘Love Me Tender’.

Sound montage

A recording on Soundcloud: