Bristol mugs

Portraits from police press releases. These 32 portraits are a follow-on to my ‘Somerset drug dealers‘ collection from 2017. What is it about these faces? They completely fascinate me. Some are defiant, some are defeated—but no one’s really posing. There’s something completely real about them. In the age of mugging for a profile picture, these have to be the polar opposite. (Drawn with Kyle brushes).

Pim Fortuyn

Finished version, plus the work-in-progress, of a portrait of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn. Drawn from a mix of video stills using Kyle brushes. Click to look closer, alsjeblieft.

Somerset drug dealers

This image was based upon a real police handout showing convicted drug dealers in Somerset in the UK. The range of faces fascinated me.

It was also my first real attempt using the very-impressive Kyle brushes, which are the best digital brushes I’ve used. The ones that come with Photoshop are OK, but these are really pleasurable to use.

Captain Caveman

Unused illustration of Donald Trump as Captain Cavemen. Or thereabouts. Behind him he drags a deflated world. Commissioned by Handelsblatt. Drawn with Kyle brushes.