Amsterdam’s Rokin

Amsterdam’s Rokin drawn 4 ways. Normally, I like to mix my mediums up. But here they are all separate for a change. Left to right: pencil, ink, crayon, gel pen, charcoal.


Zwarteweg in Heemskerk, where there are almost actual hills. Steady now. Anyway, I loved drawing this one. At first sight it’s just this mass of featureless green. Nothing to really grab on to. But the more you look, the more it reveals itself. All those lines, all this wild stuff going on. It’s such a tickly thing to put your eyes through.


Sketch of Hemkade—Amsterdam’s industrial north west, seen from across the North Sea Canal at Zaandam. Drawn in grey ink, charcoal, gel pen and coloured pencil.

Piet, my ex neighbour

Drawing of my ex-neighbour, Piet, in Wormerveer. Piet sold me the house in Goudastraat, though I try not to hold that against him anymore. I think he’s in Alkmaar now, but I’m not sure.