Plants outside my house

Plants outside my house, by the wheelie bin, and out on the road. Drawn with ballpoint pen and isopropanol, pencil, colour pencil, gel pen, silver crayon (yes, crayon) and bamboo dip pen. (Click them to see closer.)

Waiting for a plant to grow

Waiting for a plant to grow, with high hopes. A pencil, ink and charcoal sketch from one of the first really sunny days of the year. I had this idea to draw a single plant from seed to mature plant, but the idea got derailed for some reason. I might still go back to it.

Gail’s plant in Wormerveer

Two quick ink and pencil sketchbook drawings of Gail’s plant (from when Gail was still staying with me in Wormerveer). I was a little bit drunk when I made this. Is it OK to admit that? Normally I wouldn’t make a point of combining the two things.


Zwarteweg in Heemskerk, where there are almost actual hills. Steady now. Anyway, I loved drawing this. At first sight it’s just this mass of featureless green. Nothing to grab on to. But the more you look, the more it reveals itself with all these lines, and all this stuff going on. It’s such a tickly thing to put your eyes through.