The forgotten dictator

Drawing in Courrier International this week—’Lukashenko, the forgotten dictator.’

“The world would rather ignore him than dethrone him. More than three years after his fraudulent re-election, Alexander Lukashenko seems stronger than ever in the run-up to the legislative elections on 25 February.”

sketchbook hoo-ha

This one combines two drawings: one with ballpoint pen ink (mixed with isopropanol) and one of the recent red and blue heads.

This is where the ‘darken’ layer option in Photoshop comes into its own. For combining drawings, especially when they’re drawn on the same paper, it’s perfect.

Mark had a very wonderful dream

Another one featuring Prime Minister Rutte. This one sees him dreaming a dream in those sweet moments before awaking to begin another day running the Netherlands. The man driving the shoe is his deputy and Minister of Health and Welfare, Hugo de Jonge.

Hugo seems like a nice man, but as a buitenlander, it’s hard for me to tell what’s what when it comes to Dutch politics. I do know that he’s rich and wears funny shoes. So, who knows, maybe a millionaire with a shoe fetish is exactly what the good people of the Netherlands need when it comes to someone making life-affecting decisions on national health and welfare.

Alles gaat de goed kant op

“Alles gaat de goed kant op” (Everything’s going in the right direction).

Portrait of Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, in celebration of his decade in power, and recent re-election on the back of the ‘toeslagenaffaire’ — a scandal involving false allegations of fraud against some 26,000 Dutch families, many with immigrant backgrounds, and many of whom were left financially ruined as a result. Go Mark!