Martin was on a Dutch language course I was taking. His mum was also doing the course, and during the break they used to go out and smoke together. I could never imagine smoking with my mum.

This is drawn in pencil, graphite and blue and green pastel pencils.

The last time I saw Bapak

The last time I saw Bapak Made, he was pretty far gone from his dementia. He was in tatters. We hung out for a couple of hours, and he sang songs to me: Balinese and Javanese folk songs, plus ‘Love Me Tender’.

Letter from America

A postage stamp of child dictator, Kim Jong-un relaxing in his bathtub at home. Kim probably has a nicer looking bathtub than the one I’ve put him in, but hey, it’s my picture.

I made this after reading the BBC story: “North Korea could have missiles submarines in five years, says South”.

The Big Swoon

A portrait of Al Bowlly—’The Big Swoon’ as they called him. A picture version of ‘Riptide‘… torn between two loves, the old and the new… from Mozambique to bombs falling over London. Where will it take me? What shall I do?