John Butler

A picture of John Butler—in ink, pencil, graphite & gel pen.

“When I was 12 I wanted to be a real man: an old man with a beard, sitting at a table with a huge book full of wisdom. And what did society hold up to me for my admiration? A golfer, a boxer, a man who ran quickly, a soldier, a lawyer, a tycoon, a motorist, a pop star, a footballer. Into what kind of madhouse had I been born? And what have I become? A child, witlessly pouring out whatever enters my head. I am a madman and people gather to watch me make a fool of myself. I am not a role model. This is my protection and my security. I still long for the table and the book. The smell of an old man and an old book. The afternoon light fading.”

Ivor Cutler — ‘A Real Man’.

Jonny Dymond on the news

I don’t know what it is about bald men with worried faces. But they’re always so good to draw. I saw this guy speaking on the BBC News (I think he’s a Royal correspondence or something) and I knew I had to draw him. Luckily I got a few shots to work from while he was speaking.

Oliver Hardy cyanotype

Oliver Hardy cyanotype. On this one I didn’t use different thicknesses of paper to get the tones. Instead I used the same thick paper for all the parts (hair, face, shirt and jacket) but removed them in stages: the hair was the first to go, then the jacket.

Alan Partridge

Alan Partridge—a cyanotype experiment.

What I did was cut out various Alan Partridge shapes: hair, face, shirt, jacket and tie. The hair, jacket and tie are cut out of tracing paper, and the face and shirt are cut from thick (300g) paper. Over the hair shape I put some extra slices of paper, and on the glass that holds the whole thing down, I drew lines in the hair, the edge of the lapels, and over the tie.

The thick paper blocks almost all the light, but the tracing paper lets some through, so you can get a toned image. On the best version, I drew in Alan’s facial features with gel pen, biro and pencil.

Based on a screenshot taken from ‘This Time with Alan Partridge’.