The guy was hard to follow

This is about that situation when someone is telling you something important, but your mind starts going off in different directions—focusing on the way the person’s mouth moves for example—while the information they’re imparting seems to just pile up around them.

I thought this would be an interesting situation to try and illustrate, and also a good excuse to get some Klimt-style patterning in there.

Bonnetje me?

‘Bonnetje me?’ sort of means ‘do you want a receipt?’ in Dutch. This picture celebrates that frozen supermarket moment (probably in a branch of Dirk van den Broek judging by the livery). I’m also slightly fascinated/horrified by people who do that funny thing of closing their eyes briefly when they talk. It’s an unconscious thing, and the people that do it don’t believe you when you tell them they do it.

This was painted directly into Photoshop using the various digital brush tools. Click it to look closer.