Edmundo at it again

This is Edmundo at it again. This time in the Starbucks at Amsterdam Central Station. If you’re drawing someone who’s moving, you just need to find the position they keep returning to. Then concentrate on that.

This is drawn in pencil, graphite, gel pen, biro, and grey colour pencil.
(Click for a closer look).

Edmundo on the job

A drawing of Edmundo drawing. This was in a restaurant at the Zaanse Schans (on Gail and Dudley’s combined birthdays). People are particularly good to draw when they’re also drawing. Their minds are on their drawing, so they are quite ‘real’ for a change.

Drawing made in ink, pencil, gel pen and graphite. The yellow background is with one of those highlighter pens, but it ran out towards the end, which is why it’s a different yellow on the right.