Bonnetje me?

‘Bonnetje me?’ sort of means ‘do you want a receipt?’ in Dutch. This picture celebrates that frozen supermarket moment (probably in a branch of Dirk van den Broek judging by the livery). I’m also slightly fascinated/horrified by people who do that funny thing of closing their eyes briefly when they talk. It’s an unconscious thing, and the people that do it don’t believe you when you tell them they do it.

This was painted directly into Photoshop using the various digital brush tools. Click it to look closer.

Gail’s plant in Wormerveer

Two quick ink and pencil sketchbook drawings of Gail’s plant (from when Gail was still staying with me in Wormerveer). I was a little bit drunk when I made this. Is it OK to admit that? Normally I wouldn’t make a point of combining the two things.

On the way to Haarlem

This is drawn from the roundabout at Zaandammerweg, in Assendelft, which is on the way to Haarlem, if you’re cycling from Wormerveer, which I was that day.

Made mostly in that fantastic Cobalt Blue fountain pen ink by Graf von Faber-Castell, with some lines and smudges added in purple pencil. The ink is supposed to be a dark rich cobalt blue, but when you dilute it right down, or dab it off when it’s still wet on the page, it seems to go much more purple, even pink. It’s the loveliest ink I’ve ever handled.

Lifting bridge at Wormerveer

This ink and wash sketch, with red pencil and black ink pen, was drawn really quickly in the near-dark outside Café Batavia in Wormerveer. At the time I felt it was a bit unfinished but it turned out to be one of my favourites. It has a sort of Japanese calligraphy look to it, which I like.

Captain Caveman

Unused illustration of Donald Trump as Captain Cavemen. Or thereabouts. Behind him he drags a deflated world. Commissioned by Handelsblatt. Drawn with Kyle brushes.

Made-up Amsterdam

Painting of a made-up Amsterdam scene. Painted in cobalt blue ink by Graf von Faber-Castell, though it’s much more of a purple thing when you start to water it down.

Amsterdam’s Rokin

Amsterdam’s Rokin drawn 4 ways. Normally, I like to mix my mediums up. But here they are all separate for a change. Left to right: pencil, ink, crayon, gel pen, charcoal.