Jakarta street drawing—print

A print of my Jakarta street drawing at 57 x 9 inches on its way to Feny in Portland. Thank you Feny.

This is a print of a long (83 x 12 inches) pen & ink drawing I made in 1998 for a book about Jakarta, but which was never used in the end. Drawn with a Rotring Isograph if you remember them. Great pens. If you’re into pens.


Cover art for ‘Oath’ by De’Jour Thomas.
The top picture is drawn in pencil, pen and ink, and the bottom one with Kyle brushes. For reference material, I asked De’Jour to make a video of his head, slowly panning round from one side to the other. You get a lot of mileage that way.
[Click the illustrations for a closer look].

Icelandic volcanoes

Icelandic volcanoes. Well, I think they’re volcanoes. They might just be mountains. Sketchbook pages: ink, pencil, coloured pencil, gel pen and biro sketches from southern Iceland. Click them to look closer.